● What makes the Splay projection material special? 

○ Through years of R&D, our patent granted Splay material science technology is the only display (projection or otherwise) that can fully fold without permanent wrinkles. We have also received patents for the only one-step (and extremely durable) expand and collapse display. You can check out some of our granted patents here: https://patents.justia.com/assignee/arovia-inc 

● How do I connect to Splay? 

○ You can easily connect your phone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, etc. to Splay via HDMI or wireless adapters like Chromecast. If your device does not output HDMI, adapters are readily available like the Apple Lightning to HDMI adapter for iPhone. 

● How much bigger is Splay’s display than other portable display solutions. 

○ Splay’s display is 3 times bigger than most laptop, USB monitor, and tablet displays. Comparing Splay’s display size to a laptop, USB monitor, and tablet is like comparing the experience on an iPad to an iPhone. 

● How is Splay better than our first product SPUD? 

○ Splay is a MASSIVE upgrade: higher resolution (HD to FHD), significantly increased brightness (2-times brighter), lighter-weight (1 pound lighter), re-imagined industrial design, a new mode so you can use as a projector, and 30% less expanded and folded size. We built Splay from the ground up with the lessons we learned from making SPUD, to make the ultimate portable display. 

● How is Splay better/different than every other portable projector? 

○ Every other portable project requires dim lighting and a perfect wall, meaning you cannot use it anywhere, like Splay. Additionally, portable projectors typically have lower brightness, lower resolution (often projector companies mislead that they have high resolution, that is actually upscaling; usually the native resolution is 858 x 480 or lower), and require a much larger projection distance than Splay’s projector. Typical portable projectors usually have relatively short battery life as well. Also, the portable projectors with the same FHD native resolution and ultra-short throw projection distance as SPUD as Splay typically cost $1200 or more, like the LG HF65LA XPR. We think you should be able to have a large display experience wherever you want whenever you want to have it -- and that's what Splay gives you! 

● How does projector mode work? 

○ You can easily (less than 1 minute) remove our display technology and, with the press of a button, flip the image and project on a wall. With the short focal length optics you can project a 60-inch diagonal FHD image from less than 2 feet. Projector mode also features auto-keystone correction so if the projector is tilted, it will automatically flatten the image on the wall. When you need to use Splay in display mode, it is just as easy to put the display back. 

● What is Splay’s warranty? 

○ Splay is covered by a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty, which means that we will repair or replace a defective product within one (1) year of the date of shipment if the defect was caused solely by our own manufacturing, workmanship, or assembly process. Damage caused by the user is not covered under this Warranty Policy. 

● Will the screen wrinkle or crease when folded? 

○ We developed (and patented!) the first type of projection screen that significantly mitigates wrinkles when collapsed. Combined with the tension applied by the arms, this ensures a flat screen surface that does not interfere with the image! 

● What if I have more questions? 

○ Please email us at support@arovia.com